Saski is an independent New Zealand electronic pop artist with a soulful voice that has you drifting in and out of euphoria, coupled with a unique style that bridges electronic pop with folk influences. In the past year Saski has moved 5 times, across country and now the globe with the US being her most recent home. Late 2016 year Saski released her first single Faking Bright, which picked up over 5.6 million plays on Spotify alone, following up with her single independent with over 1 millions plays with a main audience base coming from Los Angeles and New York.

While residing in San Francisco Saski has been living out her independence and trying to figure out the maze that is one’s 20s. Gathering culture and life experiences, Saski is turning everything she absorbs into music that speaks realities of life’s most lived out themes. Saski now returns with pop gems Work it Out and most recently Set Fire.